Seven Tenths Performance Shooting, LLC was created to give individual and group custom firearm instruction to International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and action pistol competitors as well as basic pistol instruction in the mid-Atlantic region.

Darryl Swiggett has been shooting in IDPA since 2008 and has risen from Marksman to 5 Gun Master with many accomplishments in between including a Division/Class win at the 2014 IDPA National Championships, ESP Division Championship and low overall score at 2017 Maryland State IDPA match and 2020 Maryland State CCP Division Champion.  In 2020 he finished 3rd in CCP division in the IDPA National Postal Match and 7th overall in the Sheepdog CCP Championship Match.  He has shot over 60 sanctioned matches including four Indoor Nationals, one National championship and one World Championship and has won his division at the Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert and Master levels and two overall division championships. 


Over those 60 plus sanctioned matches Darryl has one overall win, two division championships, four top 5s, twelve top 10s and fourteen top 15 finishes.

Currently, Darryl is classified as Master class in the ESP, SSP, CCP, CDP and BUG divisions and Expert in CO in IDPA.

Darryl is certified as a Maryland HQL Instructor, IDPA Chief Safety Officer, an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and an NRA Range Safety Officer.

If you are looking for IDPA training or basic pistol instruction in the Mid-Atlantic region, contact Seven Tenths Performance and start taking the steps to improve. 

Training History

Darryl Swiggett has taken training courses with some of the best tactical and competitive instructors in the industry.  He has learned techniques from all of them to help form his shooting philosophy.  He always considers himself a student and is looking to improve his skills constantly by study, practice, training and competition.


As a client of Seven Tenths Performance Shooting, students gain the benefits from all these instructors. 


  • Shootrite (Tiger McKee) - Pistol/Carbine September 2007

  • Northern Virginia Tactical (Mike Walden & Tom Thacker) Carbine June 2008

  • TigerSwan (Brian Searcy) Pistol January 2009

  • TigerSwan (Brian Searcy & JD Potynsky) Pistol/Carbine June 2009

  • Kyle Lamb - Nightfighter Pistol/Carbine, March 2010

  • Jason Falla - Pistol/Carbine January 2011

  • Mike Pannone - Advanced Carbine May 2011

  • Dave Harrington - CombatSpeed Handgun October 2011

  • Pat McNamara - TAPS Pistol/Carbine June 2012

  • Mike Pannone - Covert Carry Pistol April 2013

  • Robert Vogel - World Class Pistol Skills May 2013

  • Travis Haley - Handgun, Darkness, Vehicle August 2013

  • Pat McNamara - Vehicle Tactics Pistol/Carbine November 2013

  • Jason Falla - High Threat Concealed Carry Pistol March 2014

  • Mike Pannone - Vehicle Tactics Pistol/Carbine April 2014

  • Robert Vogel - Private Training Pistol August 2014

  • Kyle DeFoor - Scoped Rifle November 2014

  • Robert Vogel - Private Training Pistol July 2015

  • Mike Pannone & Pat McNamara - Pistol August 2015

  • Ernest Langdon - Tactical Pistol Skills April 2017

  • Ernest Langdon - Advanced Tactical Pistol Skills May 2018

  • Mike Pannone - Advanced Pistol, July 2018

  • Ernest Langdon - 3 Day Advanced Tactical Pistol Skills, April 2019

  • Larry Vickers - 2 Day Advanced Handgun, August 2020

  • Ernest Langdon - 3 Day Advanced Tactical Pistol Skills, September 2020

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