Robert Vogel 
2-time World and 17-time National IDPA Champion
"I've known Darryl for close to 5 years and have trained with him on numerous occassions. He is a straight up good guy and overall one of the most hard working and disciplined students I've ever had.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their pistol skills and/or IDPA game." 
Gregg B.

If you are looking to improve your technique and accuracy with a pistol, Darryl Swiggett and Seven Tenths Performance are the best. Darryl takes a very systematic, organized approach to refine all your shooting skills. Over the past several months, I have been taking regular lessons with Darryl and my accuracy, split times, and most of all, my confidence have improved immensely. One lesson we focused on single handed shooting and after some quality instruction from Darryl, he had me hitting the "down zero" on the target every time while shooting from my support hand only! The various drills and simulated IDPA stages that Darryl utilizes makes the lessons a whole lot of fun.

Mike F.

Other than basic pistol qualification in the Navy 30+ years ago I was a complete novice but interested in IDPA.  I wanted to improve my basic pistol skills, and not embarrass myself at my first IDPA event.  Darryl has been the perfect mentor.  He has coached me through the basics, helped me with pistol/accessory selection, IDPA basics, movement, strategy, speed and accuracy.  I have become much more competent and confident through my work with Darryl.  He has been able to break down the complexities of the sport he has mastered, to make it understandable and enjoyable for a novice.  His focus on safety first has also been a big part of my development and it has given me the ability and confidence to participate in action pistol events.  I would highly recommend Darryl for anyone looking to improve their practical shooting skills and become competitive.

Mike B.

Darryl gave me great ideas for each classifier stage that works with my capabilities, now I have a plan.


Richard S.

I had been shooting IDPA for about two years when I sought Darryl's advice. I was stuck at the sharpshooter plateau and I was trying to break through to expert. In one session with Darryl, he was able to evaluate my weaknesses and offer effective corrections that immediately resulted in faster accurate runs. Shortluy thereafter, I received my match bump and made expert. I would highly recommend Darryl.


Jeff N.

I've been shooting IDPA for over three years now, and I had reached a plateau.  I know Darryl from many local matches, and he is well known among the shooters as "the one to watch if you want to learn to shoot better!" So, I was very interested when I heard that he was offering private lessons.  I had my first lesson a few weeks ago and although I was trained in the military many years ago, have practice "at the range" 5-10 times per year since then, and shot over 45 IPDA matches, Darryl recommended we start with the fundamentals - just one of the many reasons he is a good instructor.  I had some bad habits (I wasn't even aware of), and he immediately diagnosed several refinements that improved my shot groups at that first lesson.  He provided very practical, and straightforward dry fire drills to work on my fundamentals, and to apply at upcoming matches.  Darryl provides training customized to your needs and goals across all elements of competitive shooting - for me, we'll be working on speed and target transitions in future lessons.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to those lessons.


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